/Our house

Triple Impact Technology Innovation Center

Warecloud is our home in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. A 1,000 m2 space that shares our passion for technology and innovation, detecting opportunities and transforming realities to drive economic, social and environmental development in Latin America.

Warecloud experience

Sharing a creative and dynamic work environment is key to generate innovative solutions. That's why we chose Warecloud as our home:

  • → Our space adapts to all the ideas and projects we create, with offices that change size and function.

  • → We have table football, ping pong and pool table to relax and have fun together.

  • → We promote inclusion with shared spaces and without gender distinction.

  • → We promote a paperless culture, sort our waste and have our own compost bin!

¿Why Warecloud?

Technological Base

Uses technology as a means to innovate and create high-impact businesses.

Social Impact

Seeks to generate a positive impact on people, promoting equality and participation.

Economic Impact

Promotes economic development in Latin America, co-creating technology-based startups.

Environmental Impact

Generates business models that encourage companies' commitment to the environment.