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Our Culture

People first, always

An open, modern and innovative agency.

We believe that the culture of a company is defined by small but great details that manage to get through the way we work, interact and communicate.

We understand that building a culture with strong roots can take time, but the firm and healthy ties between the people who are a part of Chispa must exist from day one.

This is why we define some fundamental aspects that allow us to co-create an open, modern and innovative company.

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We are eClouders

Behind every project, there is a creative and dynamic team, driven to transform ideas into products that positively impact people's lives.

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Our team works with freedom. We trust in amazing people doing amazing things. We let be, because each person is autonomous. Our structure is horizontal, not hierarchical. Each team member owns their project. How you move and how much you learn depends on you.



Our culture is open, permeable and mutable. The digital world is changeable by definition. We value our process for the love of it. Our roles are under permanent construction. Prepare to update, adapt and reinvent yourself.



Our culture is collaborative and participatory. Every human being has a unique view of the world. We are nourished by different perspectives, knowledge and methods. You can bring your own way of doing things. Propose, investigate, browse and give your opinion. All voices are heard.


Warmth & team

We are united by working with inspiring, fun and friendly people. Everyone has a life outside of work. Family, friends, pets, hobbies. We seek to generate human and transparent relationships. We respect what is different and we like good manners. We are here for what you need.



Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. Being constant is key: 1% better every day. We trust each member of our team. Everyone makes an individual commitment. We believe that you are capable. And we want you to prove it.



Courage is a secret ingredient in our projects. Sometimes in life you have to take a risk, choose a path, be wild. We put theory into practice. We propose without fear. We make decisions when they have to be made. We value autonomy, proactivity and strength.

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